Songwriting to me.

Perhaps this will be me rambling for a bit, but I want to write something. Just something. I guess this little post would be about songwriting, if anything.

So I’ve started songwriting in the past few months (lyrics only.. I need someone to help me with melodies.. meh) and have discovered a couple of things that I aim to go for. I’m the type of writer who thinks his life and experiences are substantial enough to affect people. Of course, my life isn’t hard by any means compared to others. (Sierra Leone, Syria, etc) but I like to think that my songs, and eventual music will help others go through what they’re going through. Y’know, the types of people who are considered ‘different’, ‘strange’, or whatever else anyone can think of. The way I write songs is rather eclectic. My emotions are all over the place, so one, specific style isn’t going to help me whatsoever. There are so many things that affect my style of writing and it’s tough for me to fit into just one ‘genre’ or, path to go down. However, with that being said, I’ve started to notice a couple of things (as mentioned above).

I am a surrealist. I like to make my songs as bizarre as the way I see the world. Metaphors you would never see as metaphors, where even the mundane can have deep symbolism. I love to make metaphors that don’t even make sense. Like ‘dew drops on a duffel coat’ or ‘diamond coated lipstick lies’. They sound so charming, yet hardly  make any sense. And I love that. As not only can I impose my own values onto my work, the listener can too. And if they can’t, at least the line sounds nice.

tedium is a nice topic too. Life is so tedious. Well within this monotonous lifestyle there are so many things that occur that can be seen as magical, or ‘song worthy’. Seeing someone on the daily commute, or freaking waking up in the morning is a big thing to a lot of us. I like to write things that make things like these poetic and colourful. To allow such phenomena to be seen in a new light. Wouldn’t that be nie to listen to? Sprinkle some clever metaphors and a good flow, and that songs would be so much more interesting than what’s usually on nowadays.

Anyway, that’s enough from me today. Feel free to give in your opinions, etc.

For now, Safiibox out!