Choir boy problems

Hey guys. I’m sorry for the rather sporadic posts, but it’s hard when you don’t leave the house, and therefore have nothing to write about. I’m an introvert through and through… a lazy one at that. However, despite rarely leaving the house, I’ve managed to get myself into a hobby that I intend to progress into a full-blown career eventually, and with a lot of planning, patience, etc, etc. That hobby is singing.

I like singing. I love to sing. I’ve always liked it, I’ve just never been confident with myself or with others hearing me to really go and pursue it. I’ve always wanted to prove to myself that I can sing, and can blast people away with my voice, but it’s proving difficult to get that confidence, even to myself. The reason I used the said title is simple. I’ve joined a choir, and it’s causing me problems. Boom. Done. Magic. However, the reasons why I’ve joined a choir is simple. I think I mentioned it before but I’ll mention it again. 1. Confidence. It’s the first and foremost most important reason to me. I NEED CONFIDENCE. It’s that simple. 2. Performance skills. I live to perform. Got it from my dad, according to my mum. I’ve got that going for me and I didn’t even know! 3. Connections. Why? Well, in the adult world, networking is the most necessary of all evils. I need to network, or else I’ll never go far. My parents have done their bit, time to do mine.

However, there’s a problem. I still have no confidence. I know that this is a gradual process, but it’s becoming more and more apparent just how low my confidence is in myself, and it’s really easy to see just how much of a facade I can put on whilst in the meantime being completely aware that I have no confidence whatsoever. What the hell is wrong with me? After all I’ve been through. My life hasn’t been tough, but I’ve had to adapt to very awkward situations and pretend that I have confidence, and of course, showing confidence and having it is very different. Because showing confidence is smiling when sad, essentially. And having confidence is not being sad at all. My question to you is: How do you get that confidence? I have confidence in so many things, but singing is different. I feel like I’m putting my self out there. Laying myself bare for all eyes to see, to feel, to watch. If my singing isn’t up to scratch I feel, how can you connect to me?

I guess to anyone reading. If you have any singing advice and how to get your confidence up, not only with hearing your voice, but making others feel confident in your voice too, then please tell me. I would greatly appreciate everything you say. Thank you.

Until next time. Safiibox out!


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