Dancing flower

Hey guys! I can’t be bothered with the new year crap, so whatever!

I’ve been having a confidence slump lately and I accredit that to the lack of progress I’ve had with anything over the past three weeks. I hate myself for it, but it was very necessary for my sanity (which is my usual excuse). Mind you, I usually have these confidence slumps when things don’t work out to my plan and it gets me in a rather ‘meh’ mood. Like I don’t want to really think, or even exist at those times. Just sleep, but more of a coma as opposed to a normal, conventional sleep. But that’s just me.

This song that I whipped up in what felt like two minutes came from a new amazing artist(s) who I have already become addicted to, who goes by the name of: Geinoh Yamashirogumi. They’re japanese, and by gum, they are AMAZING! This song is about a little flower, and I’m teaching it to dance! Simple. But it has a deeper message of raising confidence. Someone will be there to raise your confidence, and in this case, I will be the one to do it (although it’s usually the other way round with my life..) Here you go: Dancing flower.

Verse 1
Walking among trees
A delicate flower
Moves to the sound of my footsteps
Could it be true?
The flower is you?
The flower is you?

Petals sway in summer heat
I am swayed by its movement
I revel in its glee
And dance with it too

Dance x8

Verse 2
Would you like to see?
Me move so freely?
Like the wind in the trees
As gentle as the breeze
As gentle as the breeze

A step, a skip, a hop, a jump
I move my legs
To the sound of the hum
And the cries of the forest

I’ve got my dancing shoes on

Dance x8

Come join me
Little one
I will bring out the life
Bring out the fiery one

I will bring you out
And the depths of your soul
I will get you out
To show them all

They will see
Who you are
You will get your chance
You will show your grace

They will see you dance

Chorus x2

Tell me what you think, like, star, etc, and I will obviously get back to you!

Talk soon- Safiibox out!


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