Need help with a melody, or a lyric change of sort.

Hey guys. This isn’t so much a journal entry, but I still want to share.

Dear writers who are reading this.

I have written a song. A song about masochistic love (provided below) and am finding a lot of difficulty in finding a melody for said song. I am more of a ‘lyrics first’ kind of person because the written message is quite important to me. However, usually when writing songs, I have a melody and rhythm that flows with the lyrics too. And that is why I’m asking for help. I can’t find the melody for this piece. I just need to know the vibe of the song. What do you feel when you read the lyrics, and what pace accompanies it? What genre are you assigning to the song? All of these are important to me and would love your opinion. The only melody I get from it is something similar to ‘Let It Go’, and that in itself is a huge problem… I shouldn’t have to explain why. However, if you feel like more could be added to it, say, fill in a couple of lines here and thee to get the flow more consistent, then by all means, all suggestions welcome.

Anyway, here’s the song:

I am Yours
Verse 1
Searching in the labyrinth of mind
I found you in the fog
Your presence choked and blinded me
And enveloped me in smog

Drowning in your ardour
I quickly lost my soul
My senses gave themselves away
you devoured them in whole

Poison to my lips
I taste you more and more
Coat me in your chaos
Feed me to discord

(I am yours)
I need your gentle kiss
(I am yours)
To be my narcotic
(Forever more)
Your body is my crutch
(I am yours)
The moment that we touch

Verse 2
You are the only shepherd
And I the only sheep
Harvest my love for you
My body’s yours to reap

Inflict your love upon me
Pleasure comes from pain
Masochistic form of joy
My blood is yours to drain

Burn me baby
My heart is yours to torch
Char me with your love
Melt the skin you touch


This is what I want from you
This is what I crave
Give me all your love baby
Until I see the grave


Thank you to anyone who responds, comments, likes, stars, whatever. Thank you.

I’ll talk to you soon- Safiibox out!


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