What a song SHOULD have (to me).

Hey guys!

This little post is in regards to song-writing. I like songs. I like writing. I therefore like song-writing. But to me, songwriting is somewhat of a strange concept. You have to provide a story, or a piece of writing that entices the listener through words and melody. But to me, there are more factors to consider. Words and melody are of course complete necessities. However, emotions and poeticism are just as important in the lyrics I feel.

See, with just melody and lyrics, you have the basic structure and statement of the song. Say it’s about a break-up… a sad break-up. So you have your sad melody and your sad lyrics, and everyone can tell that, that song is indeed, a sad song. But I think in modern music, people are lacking the emotion to really get their message across. Why would anyone want to write a sad song when they can’t even relate to it themselves? Is it to get other people to relate to it? Are you doing it for attention? What is it? For me, music, and the idea of writing what is in your heart and mind encompasses not only melody and lyrics, but emotions too. Like it’s therapy or something. I’ve written poems (bad as they may be) that are from the heart, and anyone reading them should be able to understand where I’m coming from, hopefully. Well it’s the same with songs. you should be able to communicate emotionally, so that you and the listener truly have that connection, and not just a one-way street where they’re feeling all of these emotions and you’re just singing, without any idea what the listener is going through. If you, the singer, song-writer, whatever fail to provide an emotional connection to a song, then to me, you’ve failed as a singer, song-writer.

Secondly, is the multi-layering idea. I, as a deep individual like to write poems, and songs that contain not just one layer of message. There’s more to me than meets the eye, and its the same with my lyrics and poems. I’ve wrote two songs that have multi-layered messages because I find it not only fun to do, but because my music should make you think, it should make you feel, it should make you listen to how the melody matches up with the lyrics, and for you to really listen to the lyrics. I have a song called Juliette that I wrote and it’s about a teddy-bear supporting a little girl called Juliette, who’s hiding from a scary man. Those are the shallow lyrics. The deeper lyrics refers to the idea that there’s always someone in your life supporting you in your times of need. You need them, and they’re there for you. They’ll never let you go. It can also be linked into the teddy-bear being you. You are the one supporting Juliette, who in your context, is someone who needs your support.

I like multi-layered lyrics as it allows for more than one interpretation. You can take it on the shallow sense, in all of its shallowness, or really dig deep into the lyrics and discover the meaning for yourself. That’s what a song should have. It also works with the emotional ties too. If I write a shallow set of lyrics, how am I supposed to connect to the listener? Inserting a deeper meaning behind the song allows me to find that emotional hook and use that as a way to connect to the listener.

Anyway, Feel free to comment, like, star, share, do whatever you want with it, and I’ll talk to you soon.

Safiibox out!


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