Piano times= fun!

Despite having nothing happen to me, at all, for a long time now, I figured I should do write about something, and the topic I chose is: My self-taught piano… thing! *Magic*

So yeah, I decided, as a hobby to pursue the art of the piano, something I used to do as a child for fun, but never really stopped doing mentally. I would often find myself emulating the melody of a song, tapping the imaginary keys that happened to be on my thigh. Whether I was spot-on with the notes is beyond me, but I had that thought constantly. Just replicating the sounds and playing it by ear, and as years went on, I continued to do this, sometimes intentionally, most of the times by habit.

After my mental switcheroo I decided to learn the piano again. For fun, but with the intentions of turning it into something that benefits me and my life. I don’t pursue hobbies, or things of that nature because they’re ‘Nice to do’. I am NOT going to fork out stupendous amounts of money and time for something on the side. No way! So, I’m self-teaching the piano so that if I was to ever be bored, I could earn money from that too, or even turn my musical talents into something more than that… whatever it may be.

The piano as an instrument isn’t too hard to play. It’s pretty easy to get a hang of I feel, and all that is required are, to me: nimble fingers, musical awareness, multi-tasking abilities, and good memory. Again, to me. The nimble fingers refers to the fact that, well, when playing faster melodies, you’re gonna need to be able to move your fingers fast. It’s that simple. But also nimble enough to be aware what key you need to press. Of course.

Musical awareness is something a bit more abstract. An abstractness that I cannot explain… hehh. Moving swiftly on to ‘multi-tasking’. This one is difficult for me. Reading sheet music, playing it with your right-hand.. and left hand too? Damn, that’s tough. Couldn’t do it when I was younger, still can’t do it. But I’m learning, so it’ll take a bit of time, but I’m getting there!

Good memory. Well, yeah. You need to be able to remember what you’re playing. OF COURSE! This requires both short and long-term memories too. Thankfully, I have that. You just need to keep on revising the material you’ve learnt and that’s it.

What a bland post. Seriously. I’m sorry. My life has been so monotonous that there really is nothing I need to write about. Perhaps someone needs to get hit by my train again or something. I’m like a journalist. I don’t care what story it is, I need one!

Anyway, Safiibox out!


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